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Symtech Newsletter February 2017

Pictures are inside views of our redesigned ATF units. With the flip of a single latch, the top of the unit rotates back, giving full access to our modular component design. This modular system provides quick access to all components allowing for easy maintenance & repairs.

Dipstick & Cooler Line

Control Panel of the ATF1 & ATF Infinity. Digital display with colored LED lights and audible alarms.

ATF Infinity

Ever worried about CVT fluid contamination? The ATF Infinity is an expandable version of our ATF1. The ATF Infinity allows you to utilize an unlimited number of external tanks for different fluid types to ensure a specific fluid is not mixed with whatever other fluid or contaminants were left in the tank from the last vehicle serviced.


Have you ever looked inside a transmission fluid machine? Are you paying for what is on the outside or are you paying for what is inside? Looking inside the redesigned SYMTECH ATF1 Transmission Fluid Exchanger shows not only the quality of design, but also shows what can’t be found in any competing brand. The ATF1 transmission fluid exchanger utilizes THREE separate pumps and includes a 12V sealed AGM battery. Three separate pumps, each with separate plumbing systems, allow the ATF1 to eliminate internal cross contamination and prevent the transfer of contaminants from vehicle to vehicle by way of the machine. This design also allows for a more efficient fluid exchange using less fluid because our pumps and hoses do not share both new & used fluid flows. While it is recommended to connect the alligator clips to the battery of vehicle being serviced, when fully charged, the on-board 12V AGM battery will allow you to complete up to 5 services on a single charge. Waste oil containment system outside or on the other end of the building? No problem. With the on-board 12V system, no extension cords or jump packs are necessary to power the unit just to empty the waste tank!Some competitor ATF machines will allow a transmission service to be completed in full one or four quart increments. Why put 12 quarts of ATF fluid in a vehicle that can only hold 9 quarts? The SYMTECH ATF1 will perform a service in one-tenth of one quart increments. Provide a more efficient service to your customer using less fluid and increase your gross profit simply by using the SYMTECH ATF1. Some ATF units include a 22lb weight and require regular re-calibration. The SYMTECH ATF1 never needs re-calibration. Having the largest capacity in the industry, the 32 quart new & used fluid tanks allow the SYMTECH ATF1 to be used to service Heavy Duty vehicles, including most large capacity Allison transmissions. Other brand units require you to interact with the machine during the entire service flipping valves back and forth. With the SYMTECH ATF1 automatic flow control valve, a technician can press as few as three buttons and have less than 5 minutes of interaction with the machine to complete a 12 quart service.

SYMTECH Corporation focuses on the design & manufacturing of high performance automotive service equipment. Quit paying for free equipment with inflated chemical flush kit prices. All Symtech Fluid Exchange equipment can be used with any brand chemical flush kit. Use a SYMTECH ATF unit and cut your service times, reduce your fluid costs and make a transmission fluid exchange profitable again! The ATF1 & ATF Infinity offer both Dipstick & Inline capability, include adapters and multiple dipstick wands. Purchase the SYTMECH ATF1 with confidence, knowing our warranty is unsurpassed in the industry. Free NEW unit replacement is included for the first six months and an extended warranty option is available past our 12 month warranty period.

Symtech factory personnel are available to come to your service facility and perform a free on-site demonstration of any of our equipment. Symtech sales staff are also available to work with distributor sales teams, demonstrating our equipment with your outside sales reps & at your customer’s location. Call 888.884.8182 to schedule your on-site demonstration or to coordinate fieldwork with our outside sales staff.