Are You Prepared for Change?

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Symtech Newsletter January 2017 As we ring in another new year, 2017 is likely to usher in many new changes & advancements in the automotive industry. Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors, said “we are in the midst of seeing more change in the automotive industry over the next 5 years than we have in… Read more »

First-Ever IIHS Headlight Ratings Show Most Need Improvement

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Symtech Newsletter October 2016 Almost half of all motor-vehicle fatalities occur at night. With the holiday season just around the corner, now is the time to prepare your vehicle for the harsh conditions & shortened daylight hours that winter brings with it. Making sure your headlamps are properly aligned and putting out the maximum candle… Read more »

Former VP of Sales, Jason Kessler, recently completed purchase of Symtech Corporation

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Symtech Newsletter May 2017 SOLD! Founder and long-time CEO, Robert Griesenauer, has decided to retire nearly a quarter century after creating Symtech Corporation. From its beginnings in his garage in 1994, Robert Griesenauer has built Symtech Corporation into a multi-million dollar supplier of high-quality automotive service equipment and products to OEM’s, Distributors and Customers throughout… Read more »