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Symtech Newsletter October 2016

Almost half of all motor-vehicle fatalities occur at night. With the holiday season just around the corner, now is the time to prepare your vehicle for the harsh conditions & shortened daylight hours that winter brings with it. Making sure your headlamps are properly aligned and putting out the maximum candle watt power is the number one preventive maintenance service that increases safety for night-time driving.

In March of 2016, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, conducted its first ever test on the performance of 82 headlight systems on 31 different midsize cars. At the conclusion of the study, IIHS called the results of the study “Dismal.” A second study performed by the IIHS in the summer of 2016, tested 21 different 2016 & 2017 small SUV’s and reported the results in the study were even more concerning than the midsize cars. Not a single vehicle earned a “Good” rating and more than two-thirds received a rating of “Poor.” ABC World News & Good Morning America both reported the results of these shocking results on July 12th, 2016, which can be viewed by clicking HERE.

Have you ever been “blinded” by oncoming traffic? Have you ever seen cloudy or yellowed headlamps? Have you ever measured the candle-watt power of your headlamps? If you answered NO to any of these questions, or you do not offer these services to your customers, Symtech Corporation has your solutions. Using our handheld
AIM 200 Light Intensity Meter, you can check the output of each headlamp in less than 30 seconds. One of our many Headlamp Alignment machines can help ensure your headlamps are level and projecting the light output correctly within minutes. Symtech Corporation also offers patented Headlamp Restoration products that will increase light output by up to 80% and guaranteed to last at least TWO years!

Did You Know?

What rating did your headlamps get? Check out the 2016 results of the first ever Insurance Institute for Highway Safety headlamp safety study by clicking HERE.

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During the first six months of our equipment warranty, we don’t fix it, we replace it. That’s right! If anything happens to our equipment in the first six months of the warranty period, we replace it with a brand new unit!

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