Part # 30140000

Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchanger for Dipstick & Cooler-Line Services.
Similar to the ATF 1 in functionality, however, the
ATF 4 does not include on-board 12V power system & charger.  Instead, directly connect to the vehicle’s battery using the heavy-duty “alligator clips”.


  • Cooler Line and Dipstick Modes of Operation
  • No Co-Mingling of New and Used Fluids
  • Power On/Off Switch Prevents Battery Arching Hazard
  • Level Sensor technology, Never Needs Calibration
  • Precise Fluid Measurement to the Tenth of a Quart
  • High Output, Controlled Drainage at 3 Gallons Per Minute
  • Digital Readout
  • 32 Quart New and Used Fluid Tanks
  • Audible and Visual Prompts and Warnings
  • Adapter Kit Included
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