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Symtech Newsletter February 2017

Pictures are inside views of our redesigned ATF units. With the flip of a single latch, the top of the unit rotates back, giving full access to our modular component design. This modular system provides quick access to all components allowing for easy maintenance & repairs.

Dipstick & Cooler Line

Control Panel of the ATF1 & ATF Infinity. Digital display with colored LED lights and audible alarms.

ATF Infinity

Ever worried about CVT fluid contamination? The ATF Infinity is an expandable version of our ATF1. The ATF Infinity allows you to utilize an unlimited number of external tanks for different fluid types to ensure a specific fluid is not mixed with whatever other fluid or contaminants were left in the tank from the last vehicle serviced.


Have you ever looked inside a transmission fluid machine? Are you paying for what is on the outside or are you paying for what is inside? Looking inside the redesigned SYMTECH ATF1 Transmission Fluid Exchanger shows not only the quality of design, but also shows what can’t be found in any competing brand. The ATF1 transmission fluid exchanger utilizes THREE separate pumps and includes a 12V sealed AGM battery. Three separate pumps, each with separate plumbing systems, allow the ATF1 to eliminate internal cross contamination and prevent the transfer of contaminants from vehicle to vehicle by way of the machine. This design also allows for a more efficient fluid exchange using less fluid because our pumps and hoses do not share both new & used fluid flows. While it is recommended to connect the alligator clips to the battery of vehicle being serviced, when fully charged, the on-board 12V AGM battery will allow you to complete up to 5 services on a single charge. Waste oil containment system outside or on the other end of the building? No problem. With the on-board 12V system, no extension cords or jump packs are necessary to power the unit just to empty the waste tank!Some competitor ATF machines will allow a transmission service to be completed in full one or four quart increments. Why put 12 quarts of ATF fluid in a vehicle that can only hold 9 quarts? The SYMTECH ATF1 will perform a service in one-tenth of one quart increments. Provide a more efficient service to your customer using less fluid and increase your gross profit simply by using the SYMTECH ATF1. Some ATF units include a 22lb weight and require regular re-calibration. The SYMTECH ATF1 never needs re-calibration. Having the largest capacity in the industry, the 32 quart new & used fluid tanks allow the SYMTECH ATF1 to be used to service Heavy Duty vehicles, including most large capacity Allison transmissions. Other brand units require you to interact with the machine during the entire service flipping valves back and forth. With the SYMTECH ATF1 automatic flow control valve, a technician can press as few as three buttons and have less than 5 minutes of interaction with the machine to complete a 12 quart service.

SYMTECH Corporation focuses on the design & manufacturing of high performance automotive service equipment. Quit paying for free equipment with inflated chemical flush kit prices. All Symtech Fluid Exchange equipment can be used with any brand chemical flush kit. Use a SYMTECH ATF unit and cut your service times, reduce your fluid costs and make a transmission fluid exchange profitable again! The ATF1 & ATF Infinity offer both Dipstick & Inline capability, include adapters and multiple dipstick wands. Purchase the SYTMECH ATF1 with confidence, knowing our warranty is unsurpassed in the industry. Free NEW unit replacement is included for the first six months and an extended warranty option is available past our 12 month warranty period.

Symtech factory personnel are available to come to your service facility and perform a free on-site demonstration of any of our equipment. Symtech sales staff are also available to work with distributor sales teams, demonstrating our equipment with your outside sales reps & at your customer’s location. Call 888.884.8182 to schedule your on-site demonstration or to coordinate fieldwork with our outside sales staff.

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Symtech Newsletter January 2017

As we ring in another new year, 2017 is likely to usher in many new changes & advancements in the automotive industry. Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors, said “we are in the midst of seeing more change in the automotive industry over the next 5 years than we have in the last 50 years.”

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is changing as well. IIHS created the first-ever headlamp ratings in 2016 after finding that government standards allow for huge variation in the amount of illumination headlights provide. Based on testing & beginning with 2017 models, IIHS toughened the benchmark for vehicles to earn the coveted Top Safety Pick+ rating. To qualify for the Top Safety Pick+, a vehicle must earn a “good” rating in the five crash-worthiness tests, an advanced or superior rating for front crash prevention, AND a “good” or “acceptableheadlight rating. Among all 2017 vehicle models, only seven are available with “Good-Rated” headlights according to IIHS.

IIHS tested vehicle headlamps in “as received” condition, meaning that the aim of the headlamps was not adjusted from how the car was set at the factory. A Consumer Reports assessment of the IIHS 2016 headlamp test results stated “By not adjusting the aim, IIHS is hoping to draw attention to the fact that aim adjustment can help headlight performance.” About one-third of U.S. States & most Canadian Provinces already require headlamp alignment as part of their respective vehicle safety inspection programs. A new headlamp rating system suggests that headlamps will no longer be the forgotten safety feature on vehicles. How do you offer your customers an opportunity to increase the safety of their vehicle by ensuring their headlamps are correctly aimed?


Actual screen shot of the DVA6 color LCD screen. The red dot shows headlamp is misaligned. The arrows in top left of screen shot show red arrows indicating headlamp is aimed high & to the right.

Screen shot of DVA6 main menu. Using the color LCD touch screen, users can select from car, truck or motorcycle.



Actual screen shot of the DVA6 color LCD screen. The red dot shows headlamp is misaligned. The arrows in top left of screen shot show red arrows indicating headlamp is aimed high & to the right.

Screen shot of DVA6 main menu. Using the color LCD touch screen, users can select from car, truck or motorcycle.


Did you know that the number of passengers, the amount of cargo and even the amount of fuel in a vehicle can effect the aim of your headlamps? Have you ever driven over a speed bump a little too fast? Even worse, have you run over a pot-hole in the road this winter? These are just a few reasons why headlamps can move out of alignment. Headlamps are required to be aligned at a distance of 25 feet. Adjusting headlight aim to an “X” on the back of a garage door simply is not an acceptable solution anymore. Use the right tool for the job and your customers will actually SEE the difference.Symtech Corporation is continuously evolving to meet the needs of our customers and the changing automotive landscape. With the introduction of our DVA6 Headlamp Aligner, Symtech is again ahead of industry changes in regard to headlamp alignment. The DVA6 is a camera-based alignment system that operates with a rechargeable battery system, has a color LCD touch screen, uses lasers for floor slope, vehicle alignment, & lamp centering. The DVA6 offers English, French & Spanish capabilities, serial & RJ45 communication ports, is Wi-Fi & Bluetooth capable, and is equipped to store up to 24 different bay settings. The DVA6 is also available with a printer. To view the DVA6 sales brochure, click HERE.

Whether vehicles have SAE, VOL or VOR headlamp assemblies, come equipped with Halogen, H.I.D., LED or Xenon lighting systems, the Symtech DVA6 Headlamp Aligner will work with them all. If you are not offering a $59-$99 headlamp alignment service to your customers, you are missing the opportunity to generate a new stream of revenue from new & existing customers. In 2017, prepare your shop for the new attention that headlamps are garnering and help your customers see their best during night-time driving.

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Symtech Newsletter October 2016

Almost half of all motor-vehicle fatalities occur at night. With the holiday season just around the corner, now is the time to prepare your vehicle for the harsh conditions & shortened daylight hours that winter brings with it. Making sure your headlamps are properly aligned and putting out the maximum candle watt power is the number one preventive maintenance service that increases safety for night-time driving.

In March of 2016, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, conducted its first ever test on the performance of 82 headlight systems on 31 different midsize cars. At the conclusion of the study, IIHS called the results of the study “Dismal.” A second study performed by the IIHS in the summer of 2016, tested 21 different 2016 & 2017 small SUV’s and reported the results in the study were even more concerning than the midsize cars. Not a single vehicle earned a “Good” rating and more than two-thirds received a rating of “Poor.” ABC World News & Good Morning America both reported the results of these shocking results on July 12th, 2016, which can be viewed by clicking HERE.

Have you ever been “blinded” by oncoming traffic? Have you ever seen cloudy or yellowed headlamps? Have you ever measured the candle-watt power of your headlamps? If you answered NO to any of these questions, or you do not offer these services to your customers, Symtech Corporation has your solutions. Using our handheld
AIM 200 Light Intensity Meter, you can check the output of each headlamp in less than 30 seconds. One of our many Headlamp Alignment machines can help ensure your headlamps are level and projecting the light output correctly within minutes. Symtech Corporation also offers patented Headlamp Restoration products that will increase light output by up to 80% and guaranteed to last at least TWO years!

Did You Know?

What rating did your headlamps get? Check out the 2016 results of the first ever Insurance Institute for Highway Safety headlamp safety study by clicking HERE.

Symtech Technical Sales Specialists are available to work with your outside sales team to perform on-site equipment demonstrations & training. Contact Symtech to schedule fieldwork in your area.

During the first six months of our equipment warranty, we don’t fix it, we replace it. That’s right! If anything happens to our equipment in the first six months of the warranty period, we replace it with a brand new unit!

You can download Symtech Product Brochures by clicking HERE.

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Symtech Newsletter December 2016

The recommended intervals for changing brake fluid are all over the board depending on the vehicle manufacturer. Some OE’s recommend brake fluid service as often as 20,000 miles or every two years, yet some OE’s don’t even address it. This leaves it up to the consumer to consult what the manufacturer says in their owners manual or rely on the advice of a trusted service facility.

Brake fluid lives in a sealed system and can survive for years, but moisture from the surrounding air can work its way in through hoses and other parts of the brake system. Most DOT brake fluids are hygroscopic, which means they absorb water/moisture from the environment at normal atmospheric pressures at a rate of 2-3% per year. This process can be amplified in more humid conditions and climates. Water in the brake lines lowers the boiling point of the fluid, so stopping ability can diminish as heat in the system increases. In addition, the moisture can cause internal corrosion in the brake lines, calipers, the master cylinder and other components. An ABS hydraulic pump can operate at several thousand psi, forcing brake fluid through very small valves. This can whip air and brake fluid into something like the foam on a latte, which makes bleeding difficult. Those same valves and pump can easily be damaged by tiny abrasive particles. Flushing and replacing brake fluid might cost $100 or less on many vehicles, but replacing rusted brake lines and other parts can run several hundreds of dollars or more, so clearly there’s value in keeping up with brake fluid maintenance.

Have you ever struggled bleeding a hydraulic clutch? Have you found it difficult for a single technician to quickly complete the flush & bleeding of a brake system without help? The SYMTECH Brake Flush Assistant (BFA1), is a complete Hydraulic Brake & Clutch Bleeding System. Using the BFA1 allows for one technician to flush and bleed a hydraulic clutch or entire brake system in less than 15 minutes! By filling and pressurizing the master cylinder with new brake fluid, the BFA1 allows the technician to open bleeder valves one at a time while the unit ensures a continuously full master cylinder, regardless of angle. Our clear tubing attaches directly to the bleeder valve which makes it very easy to see the change in fluid color and the removal of air bubbles. To view the BFA sales brochure, click HERE.

Did you know Symtech factory personnel are available to come to your service facility and perform a free on-site demonstration of any of our equipment? Contact your local parts & equipment distributor or call 888.884.8182 to schedule your on-site demonstration.

Did You Know?

According to the IHS Markit report released November 22nd, 2016, the average age of light vehicles is now 11.6 years. That’s up from 11.5 years from 2015.

2016 registrations for light vehicles in operation in the U.S. hit a record 264 million, an increase of more than 6.2 million vehicles.

The newly released 2016 IHS automotive study states the oldest vehicles on the road are growing the fastest. Vehicles 16 years and older are expected to grow 30 percent from 62 million units today to 81 million in 2021.

In 1995, 65% of U.S. Households changed their own oil. Fast forward to 2015, and over 70% have someone do it for them. A 2016 income-related survey from Charles Schwab indicated 87% of Americans prefer to hire someone to change their oil.

Symtech will be performing year-end inventory the week of December 26th. While we will be open, we will not receive or ship products during this week.

You can download any Symtech Product Brochures by clicking HERE.

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Symtech Newsletter May 2017


Founder and long-time CEO, Robert Griesenauer, has decided to retire nearly a quarter century after creating Symtech Corporation. From its beginnings in his garage in 1994, Robert Griesenauer has built Symtech Corporation into a multi-million dollar supplier of high-quality automotive service equipment and products to OEM’s, Distributors and Customers throughout the World.

Former Vice President of Sales, Jason Kessler, has recently completed the purchase of Symtech Corporation and will continue operations at their Kansas City, Missouri area facility. Robert, Jason, and the rest of the Symtech team, will be working together to ensure a seamless transition. Symtech Corporation’s focus will remain on providing quality automotive equipment, products, top-tier customer service & technical support to its distributors & customers.

AAPEX 2017

After a two-year hiatus, Symtech Corporation will again be exhibiting our product lines at AAPEX 2017. More details to come, but make plans to stop by our booth!



Watch for new product announcements in the coming months. Symtech Corporation is finishing the development and testing of new equipment and product offerings!