Symtech Corporation


  • It is our commitment and assurance to the automotive industry and its participants that the Symtech Corporation, its Employees and Representatives will perform their respective functions in the most professional manner.
  • It is our commitment and assurance that all of our products are manufactured to the highest standards and practices of the industry.
  • It is our commitment and assurance that your satisfaction is foremost to us and we will strive to meet your expectation.

“Your satisfaction is our success.”

Corporate Name: The title Symtech was created to graphically demonstrate our mission and our philosophy and is a composition of the words; SYMmetry of TECHnology By integrating harmony, balance of operations, and technical advances, Symtech Corporation has proven that we can meet the needs of the professional technicians. Founded: 1994 Company Motto: “Safety by Design”

All Symtech Corporation “qualified” Headlamp Alignment Systems meet or exceed applicable SAE “J” standards, and comply with State Regulated Inspection program mandates. Testing facilities for compliance are CSA (Canadian Standards Association), Intertek Testing Services, Joston Precision Measurement.


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